Zheenbekov and Putin sent messages to participants of Kyrgyz-Russian conference in Bishkek

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Bishkek, Dec. 15, 2017. / Kabar/. The 6th Kyrgyz-Russian interregional conference entitled "Eurasian integration as the basis for the development of the Kyrgyz-Russian foreign economic relations" is taking place at Ala-Archa state residence.

It is attended by Vice Prime of Kyrgyzstan Tolkunbek Abdygulov, Vice Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich, as well as representatives of state bodies and business of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation.

During the conference, Vice Prime Minister Tolkunbek Abdygulov read out the message of President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Zheenbekov to the participants of the event.

"Against the background of active cooperation, there is a strengthening of interregional contacts between the regions of Kyrgyzstan and Russia. The regions of the two countries have a high potential for expanding cooperation in the fields of agriculture, mining, etc. We need to continue to work to remove barriers within the framework of the EEU," the message of the Kyrgyz President says.

He said that for 9 months of 2017 the trade turnover between Kyrgyzstan and Russia amounted to about $ 1 billion. The volume of exports from Kyrgyzstan increased 1.5 times. This conference has become traditional and reflects the desire to deepen the dialogues of cooperation of mutual interest.

"Kyrgyzstan is ready to make maximum efforts for mutual deliveries in the field of textiles, agricultural products and machinery. I am sure that the participants will find new ways of expanding the Kyrgyz-Russian cooperation," Zheenbekov added.

In turn, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich read out a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the conference participants.

"Your traditional meetings, in which representatives of central and local regions take part, make a significant contribution to strengthening strategic partnership between our countries. The topical issues related to the development of interregional relations in the field of agriculture, high technology and transport are on the agenda. I expect that your discussions will be fruitful," Putin said.


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