MP: Maternity Hospitals overcrowded in Bishkek, it is necessary to build perinatal center

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Bishkek, Feb.15, 2018 / Kabar /. Children are born in overcrowded Maternity Hospitals in Bishkek. The First, Second and Third Maternity Hospitals of Bishkek do not correspond to the sanitary-antiepidemic regime, MP Alfia Samiggulina (SDPK) informed about this today at the parliament session.

Samiggulina said that the perinatal center, which is being built thanks to the German KfW Development Bank is only an extension to the Republican Maternity Hospital and will not solve all the problems.

"The First, Second and Third Maternity Hospitals do not correspond to the sanitary epidemics for a long time. Ministry of Health and the Government point out that there is no money in the budget. I think we need to attract donors, we need to look for foreign investments," Samigullina stressed.

In addition, the MP proposed to build a perinatal center in the capital on the basis of the First Maternity Hospital.

"Children are born in overcrowded Maternity Hospitals. The perinatal center would take some burden. There would be less payment for utilities and less money would be spent on maintenance. A comfortable building would correspond to all the standards that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Norms of Sanitary Control demanding from our country," the deputy added.


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