Kyrgyzstan’s economic week – Nov. 27-Dec. 2, 2017

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Strategy in motion. According to the plans of the National Council for Sustainable Development-2040, 89 projects will be implemented in Kyrgyzstan by 2023 within the framework of the first phase of the Strategy – 40 steps to a new era program (2018-2023). 14 projects are envisaged within the framework of Taza Koom (Pure society) program. In general, 10.097 billion soms ( exchange rate USD 1= KGS 69,74) will be required for Taza Koom projects until 2023.

More money will be needed for the construction of smart cities in Bishkek and Osh - 5 billion 600 million soms, for the construction of the National Innovation Center (following the example of Skolkovo) 3 billion 500 million soms and for the construction of the center of the Asian Internet exchange point - 1 billion soms.

Within the framework of innovative projects included in the Taza Suu (Pure water) program, 6 works will be implemented. In total 25 billion 497.5 million soms are envisaged.

It is expected to implement 19 irrigation projects worth $ 328.6 million.

Cigarette forgery. Under the guise of footwear the cigarettes with excise stamps of Tajikistan were supplied to Russia from Kyrgyzstan. Such data was cited by director of LLC "C".

During the operative-search activities, employees of the State Service for Fighting Economic Crimes found in the territory of the warehouse in Bishkek and seized tobacco products without excise stamps - "Fast", with excise stamps of Tajikistan: "LM", "Kent", "Marlboro", "Camel" and "Parliament".

According to the conclusion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, the total amount of seized tobacco products amounted to almost 360 thousand soms.

The dollar will be frozen. Statements of some experts on the further growth of the dollar rate are groundless, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic said. The main bank of the country takes timely measures to prevent such changes in the currency market of Kyrgyzstan.

"The dollar will not rise to 75 soms, and these estimates are baseless. The last two weeks we went out with an intervention in the foreign exchange market, after which there is a stabilization of the rate," the Bank's representatives said.

Treasury bonds. The Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic began issuing 10-year state treasury bonds. According to the Ministry, on November 17, 2017, the first auction for the sale of state treasury bonds with a circulation period of 10 years for a total of 300 million soms was held.

As a result of the auction, the demand for state treasury bonds amounted to 586.52 million soms, with a proposal of 300 million soms, with a coverage ratio of 1.95.

Among top 20 in the world for the price of fuel. Kyrgyzstan is fully provided with fuel and there is no shortage, the press service of the country's antimonopoly authority reported. According to data of the Association of Oil Traders of the Kyrgyz Republic, currently the antimonopoly authority constantly monitors the situation on the fuel market by monitoring retail prices in the regions of the republic, also examines the situation on the basis of which recommendations are given to prevent unreasonable increase in prices.

This week at a working meeting in the Kyrgyz antimonopoly authority with the participation of major oil traders of Kyrgyzstan it was stated that the republic is fully provided with fuel and there is no deficit.

At present, the fuel market is competitive, where more than 20 companies operate and there are no facts of unjustified price increases and violations of the antimonopoly legislation.

In the future, the antimonopoly body will take measures to keep prices at the current level and to prevent unreasonable increase in retail prices.

According to rating of, Kyrgyzstan entered the list of 20 countries from 180 countries of the world with low prices for fuels and lubricants, although Kyrgyzstan is not an oil country.

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