Kyrgyzstan invents a bionic prosthesis for the first time

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Bishkek, May 2, 2018 / Kabar /. A bionic prosthesis has been invented in Kyrgyzstan for the first time, Sultan Tukeshov, microsurgeon of the Department of Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgery and Surgery of the National Hospital wrote on social networks.

The doctor said that "Kyrgyzstan for the first time managed to make a prosthesis controlled mentally." He also said that now patients who have underdeveloped hand can serve themselves.

"We present to your attention the first bionic prosthesis made in Kyrgyzstan. Earlier we could see this only in films or abroad. A patient who has an underdeveloped hand (hand aplasia) now has the opportunity to serve himself. By the way, the person can control the prosthesis mentally. It was the second step", Tukeshov writes.

In addition, the surgeon, that at this time the work is carried out on the appearance of the prosthesis. "The third step is fitting out the appearance and comfort of the prosthesis. Now our 3D designer is working on it," Tukeshov concluded.


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