Kyrgyzstan improves its position in Corruption Perceptions Index

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Bishkek, Feb. 22, 2018, / Kabar /. Compared to 2016, Kyrgyzstan has improved its position in the Corruption Perception Index - 2017 (CPI-2017), ranking 135th out of 180.

According to Transparency International, Kyrgyzstan received 29 points out of 100, being on the same level with Russia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Laos, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

The rating is based on a study of the perceptions of corruption in the country by its residents and experts.

Compared to the results of the Index for 2016, the situation of Kyrgyzstan has changed: it received one point more, and changed its position in the rating (from 136th to 135th).

"The group of leaders of the CPI also did not undergo significant changes: New Zealand (89 points), Denmark (88 points), followed by Finland, Norway and Switzerland (85 points), Somalia (9 points) and South Sudan (12 points)," the study said.

The neighboring Kazakhstan ranked 127th in 2017, Uzbekistan – 162th, Tajikistan 167th, and Turkmenistan 171st.

The corruption perception index is compiled on the basis of surveys of experts and entrepreneurs conducted by independent organizations around the world.


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