Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Students return with victory from Ufa

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Bishkek, Dec 12, 2017 /Kabar/. On Dec. 5-6 a group of students from Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) who participated in the All-Russian Academic Competition on Surgery in Ufa on the basis of the Bashkir State Medical University 2017 returned home with victory, Kyrgyz Ministry of Health press service reported.

"There were six of us, and they all were 5-6 year students of KSMA," said Aizhan Akmatova, a participant of the Academic Competition. 10 contests were held within the framework of the Academic Competition, and we, from Kyrgyzstan, had three victories. We won second and third places in the anatomical contest and in contests for nephrectomy and for suturing the wound of the heart.

I became a prize-winner of the Academic Competition in solving situational problems in anatomy. It was necessary to identify and show the affected anatomical formation on the transforming table that the clinic recently acquired, which also aroused great interest. We were also shown a clinical base at the university, which was full with new equipment. In near future their university is expecting to get high-tech equipment, the Da Vinci robot surgeon.

I was amazed that appendectis is not cut out there, they can easily perform knee replacement and aortocoronary shunting. They showed the PET center (the center of nuclear medicine), where Ufa citizens are treated completely free of charge. In short, all conditions are created for students’ education in Russian Bashkortostan. If there is a desire, then they can provide you with everything," said Aizhan Akmatova.


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