Computerization of Kyrgyz language discussed at Kyrgyz National Academy of Sciences

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Bishkek, Feb. 20, 2018 / Kabar /. The National Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic (NASKR) hosted a discussion on computerization of the Kyrgyz language.

Creator of Tamga-KIT Program, Emil Asanov spoke about the problems of computerization of the Kyrgyz language and the possibilities of developing additional programs for working in the Kyrgyz language, including a ready-to-use speech synthesizer program, the press service of the NASKR reported.

Asanov also suggested placing a number of digitized useful book editions on the site of the Central Scientific Library of the NASKR.

President of the NASKR, Academician Murat Djumataev further approved step-by-step planning of joint scientific project based on Asanov's developments. "The most acute issues of computerization of the Kyrgyz language are mostly relevant for institutions that study humanities and social sciences (Institute of Language and Literature, Institute of History and Cultural Heritage, Institute of Philosophy). Fusing into the general trend of digitalization with progressive movement we will be able to achieve set goals within several years," the Academician said.

Candidate of Philology Nurzina Yysaeva shared her opinion as a user of Tamga-KIT Program. "Perhaps one of the reasons for low level of consumer audience of this program is insufficient active use of computers by representatives of both middle and older generation. Over the past five or six years, the number of people who do not imagine their daily work without a computer has increased, and along with this, the population's need for these programs is growing and will continue to grow," she stressed.

Scientists of the NASKR, employees of scientific research institutions, representatives of the National Commission on State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and public figures participated in the discussion.


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