Bishkek hosts festival dedicated to epic of Manas

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Bishkek, Apr. 25, 2018. / Kabar /. The festival of Kyrgyz folk art "Manastyn Urpaktary" is held in Bishkek on Apr. 24, at the Kyrgyz State Technical University.

This festival is dedicated to the historical heritage of the Kyrgyz people - the epic of Manas.

The purpose of the festival is to promote the heritage of the Kyrgyz people, to involve students to the culture of the Kyrgyz people, through studying, developing and introducing the Manas epic in the regime moments of the university students' activities.

During the festival, the winner will be determined in the nominations: artistic reading, play in Kyrgyz national musical instruments, traditional folk art (Kyrgyz folk song, live voice with national instruments, songs without authors), folk dances - Kyrgyz dance, theatrical performance from the Manas epic .

There will also be folk games: Toguz korgoyl, arkan tartysh, chuko (kyiyr), jaa atuu and Kyrgyz wrestling.


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